Michael Goran, PhD


This post was written by Michael Goran, PhD, and Emily Venutra, PhD, MPH, authors of the new book Sugarproof. Too much sugar can have broad effects on kids’ bodies and, as they discuss in their new book Sugarproof, kids can be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of too much sugar. Growing kids can have delicate digestive systems. Upset stomachs, aching tummies, and other maladies are hallmarks of childhood, and too much sugar may be a silent contributor to this problem. If your child is having frequent, unexplained tummy problems, one possibility is that they are reacting to excessive amounts of fructose and an inability to absorb it properly from the gut. Fructose is a part of regular white table sugar and also found in concentrated amounts in high fructose corn syrup, fruit juices, other fruit-based sugars like fruit juice concentrates, and agave syrup. In order to transfer glucose or…