Review – 12/11/17

The gut-muscle axis – is there such a thing? Science supports its existence based on the premises that poor nutrition and inactivity are common characteristics in those suffering from sacropenia (the natural loss of muscle tissue as we age)– two factors that heavily impact the gut microbiome – and the link between gut bacteria metabolism […]

Review – 12/3/17

Intestinal bacteria help determine healthy bowel function – they play a vital role in controlling peristalsis (colonic contractions that help move things through the GI tract). Scientific Reports   Antibiotic exposure in mothers increases the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) in their offspring. Scientists have also shown that the antibiotic-induced changes […]

Review – 11/20/17

Even healthy individuals can be at risk for developing heart disease… if they consume too much sugar. Clinical Science   Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is significantly associated with coronary artery disease in a study with 1059 participants. Researchers suggest screening for CAD may be beneficial in those diagnosed with SIBO. For more on SIBO, […]

Review – 11/8/17

Hypnosis can be an effective therapy for some functional GI disorders – acid reflux, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), chronic abdominal pain, and inflammatory bowel diseases (Crohn’s & ulcerative colitis). Healio Gastroenterology & Liver Disease   Looking for a magic pill to transform your health (and your gut bacteria)? It exists! And it’s called “intensive lifestyle […]

Review – 9/12/17

Never underestimate the power of broccoli – now shown to have therapeutic benefits in preventing and reversing intestinal inflammation. Dietary broccoli positively impacted gut flora, decreased gut inflammation, and diminished chemically induced colitis in mice. Journal of Functional Foods   Looking to test the health of your gut microbiome? You may want to wait. While […]