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Bank Your Stool for Better Health

In his October 9th New York Times Op-ed, Moises Velasquez-Manoff asks the question: “Why [aren’t] doctors [working] harder to prevent [the collateral damage of antibiotics], not with store-bought probiotics, but with ‘microbial restoration’?” The microbial restoration he’s referring to is the process of using your own stool (autologous fecal transplant) to recolonize your gut when […]

Haute Manure

Imagine a posh store displaying expensive samples that sell for more than $1,000 an ounce. The donor ate an unprocessed, non-GMO, plant-based diet, with no hormones or antibiotics, ever. The label says it’s from a rare and difficult-to-access source in the Himalayas. The samples are rigorously tested on site to assure purity and quality, and then flown back […]