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Gutbliss Weekly Review – November 24, 2015

  Searching high and low for a cure to your food cravings? Restore your microbiome and you just might find the answer. The Atlantic   A yearlong USDA investigation of the dietary supplement industry (looking to identify “unsafe or tainted supplements”) results in false marketing charges against 117 supplement manufacturers and distributors. Another reason to […]

Gutbliss Weekly Review – November 17, 2015

Intestinal worms heal disease. From protecting the fetal brain from inflammation to improving allergies, multiple sclerosis, and overall immunity, they may be the next big thing in medicine – as long as we can overcome the “ick factor!” #LiveDirtyEatClean The Conversation   Obesity rates rose 3% from 2012 to 2014, yet a recent article reports […]

Gutbliss Weekly Review – November 2, 2015

  Washing dishes by hand, instead of by dishwasher, decreases food allergies in children, and the benefits increase when families eat food directly from the farm. Pediatrics   Scientists request international efforts for microbiome research. Yet some scientists are skeptical, including University of Michigan microbiologist, Pat Schloss, who tweeted, “We have a global effort. It’s […]

Gutbliss Weekly Review – October 19, 2015

1. Colon cancer linked to specific gut bacteria. Altering the specific gut bacteria associated with cancers may be a viable strategy for treatment and prevention American Society of Human Genetics 2015 Meeting   2. Bank your stool and preserve your health. This cutting-edge medical therapy could be a real fix for microbial depletion and a plausible way to achieve […]