Dr. Chutkan is a gifted and inspiring educator who shares her knowledge, wisdom and experiences as an integrative gastroenterologist… her lessons are not only evidence-based but informed by her practice and loaded with clinically relevant pearls. -Jan, GGS Participant

Dr. Chutkan is a fountain of knowledge about emerging science on gut health – someone we should all be watching closely for wisdom about this important field of study. -Victoria, GGS Participant

This course provided a well researched source of updated information about SIBO. Dr. Chutkan shares her clinical experience and knowledge, with ease and clarity, leading to a better understanding of SIBO and how to implement solutions to repopulate the microbiome and enjoy a healthy gut environment. -Adam, GGS Participant

What a great course! Dr. Chutkan presents complex information in a concise, evidence-based and well organized manner. Her insight, presentation skills and clinical experience make this an excellent program. -Sonya, GGS Participant

This is one of the most important webinars for people to watch and listen closely to, and then take to heart and do. It will change your life, mentally, emotionally and physically for the better and without a bunch of added supplements and complicated diets. -Theresa, GGS Participant

A valuable opportunity to hear Dr Chutkan’s clinical experience of SIBO and insight into the growing field of the microbiome. -Eric, GGS Participant

The Gutbliss course provided a comprehensive overview on SIBO, from the etiology through to what I think of as risk-free treatment options without reliance on drug therapies. It is a patient-empowering strategy, focused on improving overall health. -Suzanne, GGS Participant

The information presented at the Gutbliss course, gave me a much deeper understanding of our gut, the interventions that harm us , and alternative, natural ways to help rebalance the gut from damage. Thank you for presenting your great work with us! -Edward, GGS Participant