Gutbliss Weekly Review – October 19, 2015

1. Colon cancer linked to specific gut bacteria. Altering the specific gut bacteria associated with cancers may be a viable strategy for treatment and prevention American Society of Human Genetics 2015 Meeting


2. Bank your stool and preserve your health. This cutting-edge medical therapy could be a real fix for microbial depletion and a plausible way to achieve better health New York Times


3. Cleansing your colon may not be so good for your microbiome. A look at the effects of pre-colonoscopy bowel cleansing on your gut flora Gut


4. Burger King’s Halloween burger turns your poo green. The media says it’s harmless… Gutbliss thinks otherwise! CBS News


5. Gut bacteria increase the risk of developing asthma. A group of children at high risk for developing severe asthma shown to have low levels of specific gut bacteria Science


6. Risk factors for celiac disease in your microbiome. In genetically susceptible mice, colonization with specific microbes increases the risk for celiac disease The American Journal of Pathology


7. Researchers conclude that insects are more nutritious than beef and chicken Enough said. Nature


By: Leslie Ann Berg MSPH