Gutbliss Weekly Review – April 12, 2016

  1. “The microbiome plays a pivotal role in determining whether we’re overweight or lean.” Restore your microbiome, and improve your chances for weight loss. Check out the The Microbiome Solution Kit and book for ways to promote a healthy microbiome. MindBodyGreen


  1. From coffee (reduces colorectal cancer risk by 26% in recent study) to aspirin (could help prevent colon cancer in ages 50-69, but risks should be carefully evaluated), our culture continues to search for quick fixes in preventing disease. Instead of deliberating over how many cups of coffee or doses of aspirin (if any) will keep cancer at bay, focus on how many deeply pigmented fruits and vegetables you can eat every day – still one of the best ways to reduce your overall mortality.


  1. Women, ages 16 to 54, are significantly more likely to be prescribed antibiotics than their male counterparts. In addition, those who seem open to taking antibiotics are one third more likely to be prescribed them. Clearly there’s a significant gray area in whether or not antibiotics are truly necessary. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy


  1. At Gutbliss, we believe the “poop conversation” is important, not just for a healthy relationship, but for a healthy you. Turn around and take a look! Talk about what you see and experience in the bathroom with your partner, loved ones, and children – so that everyone is educated. Reaching stool nirvana is THE road to your best health! Huffington Post


  1. A probiotic pill reduces stress and anxiety in 22 male subjects. While the gut’s influence on the brain is undeniable (gut bacteria make many of the chemicals our brain cells use to communicate), scientists believe the gut-brain interaction is a dialogue, not a monologue. Science News


  1. Choosing plant foods over animal foods could play a vital role in solving climate change and skyrocketing healthcare costs, a new study shows, not to mention saving our bacterial species from extinction! Let’s all do our part. Check out Meatless Monday for inspiration. Today


  1. H. pylori eradication causes imbalance in the microbiome that could negatively affect immunity and overall health. Check out Gutbliss for more on H. pylori infection and benefits and risks of eradication. PLOS ONE


  1. Common antibacterial soaps can alter gut bacteria in babies, leading to potential long-term health consequences. If you’re pregnant, a parent of small children (or anyone for that matter!), use mild soaps and natural sanitizers. For more information on how to “live dirty” to promote a healthy microbiome for you and your family, check out The Microbiome Solution. Digital Journal


  1. Colon cancer screening should be initiated before the age of 50 in those with symptoms and/or risk factors, a NYT blog post suggests. Gutbliss agrees, and reminds you that consistently eating a plant-based high-fiber diet can significantly reduce your risk! NYT Blog


  1. Bloated? Not sure why? Check out Dr. Robynne Chutkan’s latest book, The Bloat Cure: 101 Natural Solutions for Real and Lasting Relief (available April 19th), for an A to Z guide to help you identify the root cause of your bloat and an effective solution! Amazon