Gutbliss Weekly Review – December 18, 2015

  1. Gluten-free eating is not a fad; it’s a medical necessity for many. Eliminate gluten for 2 weeks. If you experience symptoms when reintroducing it into your diet, avoiding gluten is best. NPR


  1. Founding researchers of The Unified Microbiome Initiative discuss the importance of mapping microbiomes. Let me break it down for you – it could save the world and all mankind. Live Science


  1. Committed to a low-fat diet to lose weight? Here’s more proof it doesn’t work. Focus on healthy fats (including dark chocolate!) for long-term weight loss. Harvard


  1. Consuming coconut oil inhibits the growth of fungi and kills Candida (C. albicans) in the GI tract within 30 hours. American Society for Microbiology


  1. Searching for an effective treatment for your autoimmune disorder? Cutting out gluten, dairy, and sugar may be a meaningful starting point. Huffington Post


  1. Michael Pollan offers his simple yet revolutionary take on the American diet and what really matters: “Eating real food is the most important thing you can do if you’re concerned about your health.” Vox


  1. If you liked #6 (and even if you didn’t), don’t miss Michael Pollan’s new film In Defense of Food, airing December 30th at 9pm on PBS. Kikim


  1. Changes in gut bacteria are strongly associated with obesity, but how can gut bacteria cause weight gain? In a recent study, altered gut bacteria reduce resting metabolic rate causing weight gain. The University of Iowa


  1. Poop in space – From radiation shields to building structures on the surface of planets, astronaut poop proves invaluable beyond measure. Microbe Net


  1. Gut microbe warfighters? The US Navy is funding a 3-yr project that focuses on manipulating bacteria to fight obesity and disease, and to rapidly shift “body weight and metabolism as necessary” in wartime environments. Scientific America


  1. What New Year’s resolution will make a lasting impression on your long-term health? Embracing Dr. Robynne Chutkan’s 1,2,3 Rule! Digestive Center for Women


By: Leslie Ann Berg MSPH