Detailed Webinars

Three 1 hour in-depth discussions with one of the most experienced and recognized integrative gastroenterologists and microbiome experts in practice today. Hear what works and what doesn’t from someone who’s treated thousands of patients with microbial discord. Webinars can be accessed at your convenience for up to 1 month after the course ends.

A Message from Dr. Chutkan

SIBO Workbook

A compilation of everything you need to thoroughly assess, diagnose and treat SIBO, including: the ultimate SIBO assessment tool to help you evaluate symptoms, confirm the diagnosis, and determine prognosis; a comprehensive guide to SIBO testing; important information on herbal therapy versus antibiotics; lifestyle tips for living SIBO-free; SIBO symptom tracker; recommended resources; and an annotated bibliography of scientific articles.

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SIBO Nutrition Plan

If you’re thinking FODMAPs, think again! An uncomplicated way of eating that has been tried and tested on thousands of patients in Dr. Chutkan’s practice, The Gutbliss Guide to SIBO nutrition plan provides you with dietary guidelines, a meal plan, shopping list, and recipes – all designed specifically for SIBO recovery. Real and lasting relief is at your fingertips with this user friendly, step-by-step guide.


What People Are Saying…

“I’ve been battling SIBO for years and took rounds of ineffective medication. Finally light at the end of the tunnel and real relief!”


“Dr. Chutkan is a gifted and inspiring educator who shares her knowledge, wisdom and experiences as an integrative gastroenterologist… her lessons are not only evidence-based but informed by her practice and loaded with clinically relevant pearls.”


“On a personal health journey for the last 6 years, this course has finally provided the answers I’ve been looking for. It’s made me realize that the center of my physical universe is in my gut and has given me the tools to heal it.”


“Dr. Chutkan is a fountain of knowledge about emerging science on gut health – someone we should all be watching closely for wisdom about this important field of study.”


“This is one of the most important webinars for people to watch and listen closely to, and then take to heart and do. It will change your life, mentally, emotionally and physically for the better and without a bunch of added supplements and complicated diets.”


“The information presented at the Gutbliss course, gave me a much deeper understanding of our gut, the interventions that harm us , and alternative, natural ways to help rebalance the gut from damage. Thank you for presenting your great work with us!”


“What a great course! Dr. Chutkan presents complex information in a concise, evidence-based and well organized manner. Her insight, presentation skills and clinical experience make this an excellent program.”


“This course is a great virtual tour of what is known about the microbiome today. Dr. Chutkan is very knowledgeable, she is not afraid of stating facts (even when it means saying “we still don’t know”) and has a long experience that she shares with ease and generosity. I recommend this course to anyone who is looking for answers or seeking guidance.”


“This course offers excellent information on assisting patients to address dysbiosis effectively without having to rely on drugs which further exacebate this condition.”


Course Modules…

Part 1: Terrain

Part 2: Clinical Overview

Part 3: Causes

Part 4: Symptoms

Part 5: Associated Conditions

Part 6: Testing

Part 7: Making A Diagnosis

Part 8: Conventional Therapy

Part 9: Alternative Therapy

Part 10: Biotics: Pro & Anti

Part 11: The Gutbliss Approach

Part 12: Pearls & Pitfalls

Part 13: Dietary Guidelines

Part 14: Recipes

Part 15: Meal Plans

Part 16: SIBO Symptoms Tracker

Part 17: SIBO-Free Living

Part 18: Protocols

Part 19: Resources

Part 20: Scientific References

How It Works…

Step 1 – REGISTER (Registration date TBD for $99)

Step 2 – Upon registering, you will instantly receive a welcome email and your course materials (SIBO ebook and 3 webinars)

Step 3 – Review your SIBO workbook in it’s entirety

Step 4 – Listen to webinars 1, 2, and 3 (we recommend reviewing the corresponding sections in your e-book before listening to each webinar segment)

About Dr. Robynne Chutkan

Dr. Robynne Chutkan is an integrative gastroenterologist and the author of Gutbliss, The Microbiome Solution, and The Bloat Cure. She received her bachelor’s degree from Yale and her medical training at Columbia and has been on the faculty at Georgetown Hospital since 1997. She’s the founder of the Digestive Center for Wellness, a gastroenterology practice that incorporates microbiome analysis and optimization, nutritional counseling, and biofeedback as part of the therapeutic approach to digestive disorders. Dr. Chutkan is a former board member and Training Committee Chair of the ASGE (American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy). She’s written dozens of scientific articles and has been a featured lecturer nationally and internationally on the microbiome, nutrition, inflammatory bowel diseases and digestive wellness. She’s also a regular guest and a member of the Medical Advisory Board for the Dr Oz Show and has been featured on The Today Show, CBS This Morning, The Doctors and multiple other media outlets. An avid runner, snowboarder, and yogi, she is passionate about helping her patients live dirty and eat clean.