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7-Day Microbiome Reboot

Online Course

Welcome to my 7-Day Microbiome Reboot Online Course! Below, you’ll find your Microbiome Reboot Recipe Booklet, which includes a meal plan, recipes, and daily tips on microbe-friendly living. There’s also a series of short videos that cover my seven core practices to help build a healthier, more balanced microbiome. Throughout the 7-Day Reboot, I’d like you to incorporate all the challenges presented in each video. My diet plan, along with these core practices, will lay the foundation for long-lasting gut health. I encourage you to continue to utilize what you learn here in your daily life beyond the 7 days, for a brighter, tighter, more vibrant you! For more detailed microbiome information, check out my book The Microbiome Solution.

The Microbiome Reboot Recipe Booklet

The number one way to improve your overall health is to improve the health of your microbiome, and that means focusing on what you feed your gut bacteria on a daily basis. Your diet has an incredible impact on your microbiome, especially the bacterial diversity and composition – both important markers for overall health. Here is your exclusive dietary guide during your 7-Day Reboot. Incorporate this guide beyond the 7 days and continue your journey towards better gut health!


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