Dr. Chutkan’s Ultimate Green Smoothie

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Whether you’re looking for a medicinal food to help restore your gut microbes, an energy boost, or simply a quick and convenient way to get in your daily greens, this green smoothie is for you! Used in Dr. Chutkan’s practice as a nutrient and fiber powerhouse, The Ultimate Green Smoothie can turn a not so good day into a great one!

Serves 2


8 to 16 ounces coconut water (or fresh green juice)

1 stalk celery (with leaves)

1 cup kale or spinach (including stalk)

1 cup collard greens

1 cup parsley

1/2 to 1 cup pineapple or nectarine

Juice of 1/2 lemon

1/2 inch piece fresh ginger

1 small handful of ice


Place all ingredients in a high powered blender and mix until smooth.

Robynne Chutkan, MD, FASGE, is the founder of Gutbliss Rx. She is an integrative gastroenterologist and the bestselling author of Gutbliss, The Microbiome Solution, and The Bloat Cure. Educated at Yale and Columbia, she’s been on the faculty at Georgetown University Hospital since 1997 and is the founder of the Digestive Center for Wellness, an integrative gastroenterology practice incorporating microbiome analysis and nutritional counseling as part of the therapeutic approach to digestive disorders. An avid runner, snowboarder, and yogi, she is passionate about helping her patients live not just longer lives, but dirtier ones!

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