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Hair Loss Linked To Gut Bacteria Imbalance

Patterned hair loss could be due to gut bacteria imbalance. Antibiotic-induced dysbiosis, characterized by an overgrowth of Lactobacillus murinus (a gut bacteria strain that depletes biotin – vitamin B7, a nutrient associated with hair growth), in mice fed a biotin deficient diet altered gut metabolic function and resulted in alopecia (or hair loss). When consuming a biotin supplement, alopecia symptoms were reversed. Cell Reports

→Takeaway: This study tells us that there may be a microbial component to patterned hair loss. Yet re-establishing hair growth by restoring the microbiome can be extremely difficult for some. If you’re looking to increase the amount of bioavailable biotin in your diet focus on dietary sources first, such as nuts, sunflower seeds legumes, cauliflower, bananas, oats, and avocados. Looking for tips on how to balance your gut bacteria? Check out The Microbiome Solution for Dr. Chutkan’s Live Dirty, Eat Clean plan.

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