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Our Top 11 Gluten-Free Food Recommendations

Shopping and eating gluten-free is a challenge during the pandemic. We get that. While we always recommend consuming whole foods made in your kitchen, there are also some great gluten-free whole food products such as rice pastas, seeded crackers, and more that are excellent additions to your pantry and can make life a little easier. Below are some of our favorite gluten-free foods for you to utilize during this challenging time.

Please note: We do not have a relationship with the below companies and do not receive compensation for recommending their brands. While we’ve included the Amazon link for easy access, most of these items can be purchased at your local grocery stores.


Mary’s Gone Crackers

Simple Mills Almond Flour Crackers

San-J Tamari Black Sesame Brown Rice Crackers

Gluten-Free Norwegian Crispbread


Tinkyada Pasta Joy Ready Brown Rice Pasta

Jovial Brown Rice Pasta

Eden Foods 100% Buckwheat Soba Noodles

Rice cakes

Lundberg Thin Stacker Brown Rice Cakes


Siete Almond & Cassava Flour

Food For Life Gluten Free Wraps

Here is also a list of gluten free companies who are shipping out their foods and providing discounts during the pandemic.

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