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Progesterone Supplementation During Pregnancy Increases Risk of C-section & Postpartum Depression

study using the Chinese baby birth cohort found that women who took progesterone before 14 weeks of gestation are at a higher risk of C-section and developing post-partum depression, with no actual reduction in preterm birth risk. Progesterone is a hormone used to reduce the risk of preterm birth, support the fertilization process, or to increase babies’ birth weight. In the study, progesterone was prescribed before 14 weeks gestation in 40% of those receiving the drug. Nature

→Takeaway: Interestingly, a 2017 study also found that prenatal progesterone exposure may affect sexual orientation, resulting in higher rates of bisexuality. If you are looking to boost your progesterone levels during pregnancy choose these natural methods: maintain a healthy body weight, don’t over-exercise, reduce stress levels, incorporate acupuncture, consider taking chasteberry, and most importantly, consume fermented foods daily and a variety of vibrantly colored vegetables and fruits.

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