With the increasing need for reliable GI information, we’re launching free webinars on gut health topics. This first series is focused on coronavirus and the gut. We’ll go deep into topics like whether antibiotics may actually increase your chances of contracting COVID-19, what to do if you’re taking an immunosuppressive medication, how autoimmune diseases like IBD influence risk, and lots more. Sign up below. If you have questions you’d like answered, or suggestions for future webinar topics, email us with your questions and ideas. Don’t miss out on invaluable gut health information – sign up today! Coronavirus & the GI tract: what you need to knowThursday, April 2nd @ 8:30pm EDTA 30-minute deep dive with Dr. Chutkan as she discusses symptoms & what to look for, underlying conditions, & when to seek medical attention. FULL Coronavirus & the GI tract: what you need to knowMonday, April 6th @ 8:30pm EDTA…