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The Microbiome & Gut Health In The Time Of COVID

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Recent research has demonstrated the potential prognostic and therapeutic roles of microbiota in COVID-19 infections. Leading the way in researching, and educating through their popular course “Clinical Applications of Microbiota,” join Georgetown faculty experts for a discussion examining the dynamic relationship between the microbiota and disease expression, particularly in relation to gut health and the novel coronavirus.

This discussion features:

  • Moderator: Douglas Varner, MS, MLS, Assistant Dean for Information Management, Dahlgren Memorial Library
  • Robynne Chutkan, MD, FASGE, Founder, Digestive Center for Wellness, LLC
  • Kate Michel, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, Georgetown University; KL2 Scholar, Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
  • Sona Vasudevan, Professor, Department of Biochemistry, Georgetown University Medical Center

This program was co-hosted by Georgetown Health magazine and the Georgetown University Alumni Association.

Copy provided by Georgetown Alumni Webinars

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