Understanding SIBO

The only resource you need to rehab your gut microbiome and feel better long term.

A 4-week comprehensive virtual course with integrative gastroenterologist Dr. Robynne Chutkan, covering everything you need to know about SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth) – how to diagnose it, treat it, and get lasting relief.

    Designed for both patients and practitioners, “Understanding SIBO” is a live, 4-week virtual journey with Dr. Robynne Chutkan. From how and why we get SIBO, to testing and diagnosis, to pearls and pitfalls on the road to recovery, this is your complete guide to understanding SIBO!

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    Is “Understanding SIBO” Right For You?

    • Do you suffer from unexplained, chronic GI symptoms, such as bloating, gas, diarrhea, or constipation?

    • Do you have chronic health problems that stem from an unbalanced microbiome?

    • Have you been diagnosed with SIBO or wondered if you could have it?

    • Have you had a poor response to conventional therapy for SIBO like antibiotics?

    • Are you interested in a more holistic food as medicine approach?

    • Are you a practitioner who wants to learn more about SIBO to help your patients?

    • Are you just curious about what’s possible through diet and lifestyle change?

      Why “Understanding SIBO”?


      Dysbiosis refers to an imbalance in the microbiome – the trillions of bacteria that live in and on our bodies. SIBO is one of the commonest forms of dysbiosis.

      Our ancestors had a symbiotic relationship with their microbes that evolved over millions of years. They were hosts to a dense jungle of microscopic creatures, including worms and other parasites that contributed to their health. Large predators and the absence of food were their main threats, not the hundreds of diseases that afflict us today. The irony is that as we’ve “unwilded” our bodies and our environment in an effort to become healthier, we’ve actually become a lot sicker in some important ways.

      Urbanization and modern medicine have clearly improved our lives, but they’ve also introduced practices—overuse of antibiotics, chlorination of the water supply, processed foods full of chemicals and hormones, microbe-depleting pesticides, increasing rates of Cesarean sections—that have ravaged our microbiome, diminishing the total number of organisms as well as the diversity of species, both important markers of good health. The result has been an increase in a wide range of “modern plagues” like asthma, allergies, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, obesity, cancer, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, heart disease, and of course, SIBO. The rise in conditions like SIBO is related to the full-on assault on our microbiome resulting from our super-sanitized lifestyle.

      Conventional approaches to SIBO typically involve quick fixes like antibiotics or multiple supplements – neither of which provide lasting relief. You can’t solve a problem caused by depopulation of essential species by using antibiotics that remove even more of your gut bacteria, or by adding in remedies that don’t address the root cause. Meaningful repopulation, not eradication, is the key to resolving SIBO. Dr Chutkan has been successfully helping patients in her practice recover and heal from SIBO by utilizing a three-pronged holistic approach: REMOVING medications, foods, and practices that are harmful to microbes; REPLACING essential gut bacteria through exposure to soil microbes and prescription strength probiotics when appropriate; and RESTORING balance in the microbiome by adding in important prebiotic high-fiber foods. She’s delighted to share this safe, effective, microbe-boosting approach that can help you find lasting relief from SIBO.


      “After an 11-year challenge with SIBO, I now have more tools to work with and have found lasting relief. Dr. Chutkan is knowledgeable, encouraging and different from the usual approach. Her philosophy has made all the difference in treating my symptoms successfully!”

      Worth Every Penny!

      “This course really helped me think through how to deal with my SIBO. I decided against taking antibiotics based on your suggestions and have focused on what I eat… [I’ve] seen an amazing change. So just want to provide an endorsement for your course, which was worth every penny!”

      Highly Recommend!

      “I highly recommend this course. It offers excellent information on assisting patients to address dysbiosis effectively without having to rely on drugs, which further exacerbate this condition. If you’re a patient looking for relief from SIBO, look no further.”

      What’s Included

      We are delighted to have you join our community of patients and practitioners interested in an integrative approach to gastroenterology.

      This course does not promote or sell any supplements or products – just potentially life-changing practical and scientifically-backed information that can help you feel better. Join us in achieving lasting relief from SIBO. Your gut will thank you!

      -Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD, FASGE

        Frequently Asked Questions

        When does the course begin and how long is it?

        The “Understanding SIBO” course has rolling admissions and takes about 4 weeks to complete. You can start the course as soon as you purchase it and will have lifetime access to the course material.

        Can I join at any time? Is the course live?

        Because we’d like participants to be able to join and begin learning as soon as possible, we’ve designed the course so that participants can begin at any time. The course is not live.

        How is the course content presented/delivered to the participants?

        Content is delivered in a multimedia format using an easy to navigate learning management system (LMS) that includes video, audio segments, and e-books.

        When is the course content delivered to participants and will I have access to it after the course ends?

        You’ll receive your course log-in information immediately after registering for the course. Once logged in, you will have lifetime access to all of the course materials.

        Will Dr. Chutkan be my doctor during/after the course? Will she offer me personalized medical advice?

        No, Dr. Chutkan is offering this course in an educational capacity only and will not be your doctor during or after the course, nor will she be able to provide you with personalized medical care or advice. We strongly advise communicating with your healthcare provider to let them know about the course so that they can work alongside you as you implement the recommendations.

        How many hours a week should I set aside to spend on the course?

        The course is not meant to be an intensive undertaking. Course material can be worked through at your own pace. We recommend setting aside approximately 3 to 5 hours per week for 4 weeks as you go through the course material, although you can work faster or more slowly depending on your preference.

        Will I receive a certification after completion of the course?

        Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion from Gutbliss stating that you have participated in the “Understanding SIBO” Educational Program.

        Do you offer refunds?

        If you are not happy with the course or it does not meet your expectations, we encourage you to reach out to our team and communicate your concerns. While we are confident that we’ll exceed your expectations in providing an invaluable educational experience, we are happy to consider a refund if you feel your expectations were not met.

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