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Weight Loss Surgery Causes Lasting Microbial Depletion

Bariatric surgery results in long-term microbial depletion. Bariatric surgeries, adjustable gastric banding and Roux-en-Y-gastric bypass may improve gut bacteria richness in some, but microbial abundance remains depleted even up to 5 years after surgery. This study illustrates the need for microbial interventions, such as dietary interventions, prebiotic/probiotic supplementation, and possibly fecal microbiota transplantation before and/or after surgery for severely obese patients. Gut

→Takeaway: The study found very low microbial gene richness in 75% of severely obese patients. Low microbial gene richness also affects the general population – 40% of overweight/moderately obese individuals and 23% of the general population have very low microbial gene richness, which is associated with insulin resistance, systemic inflammation, and type 2 diabetes. The number one way to improve microbial richness is to improve the fiber content and plant variety in your diet. Check out Dr. Chutkan’s book The Microbiome Solution for tips on how to grow a good gut garden.

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