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Your Microbiome Could Determine How Smart You Are

Could your gut bacteria make you smarter (or not so smart)? Recent studies show overwhelming evidence that the microbial communities living within our gut play a central role in brain function and development, behavior, and even cognition, including learning and memory. A recent paper outlines how advances in microbial research can be utilized to understand individual variations in cognition. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

→Takeaway: Cognition begins in the gut! If you are looking to have an intellectual edge and optimize your brainpower, grow a good gut garden. If you feel like your memory, learning, and overall cognitive sharpness is becoming foggy or dull, rewilding could be your answer. Where can you start? Dr. Chutkan recommends consuming lots of leafy greens and indigestible plant fiber daily. Try a daily green smoothie to fertilize your gut garden and “wake up” your brain!

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