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Eating Less, The Key To Slowing Aging?

Want to slow down the aging process, live longer, feel younger? Eat less. Partial results from the most comprehensive study on calorie restriction (a 2-year randomized controlled trial including 200+ healthy adults looking at the effects of calorie restriction on metabolism) in humans and its effect on slowing the aging process have just been released. Tests assessing overall metabolism and biological markers for aging were performed in 53 participants between ages 21 and 50. 34 of the participants reduced their calorie intake by 15%, while 19 ate as usual. Results showed that those on the reduced calorie regimen used energy much more efficiently while sleeping (even when weight loss was taken into account) and experienced a reduced metabolic rate and a significant decrease in damage due to aging. Cell Metabolism

→Takeaway: Reduced calorie diets in animals show incredible benefits in slowing aging and extending life. Calorie restriction in mice has shown to extend life span up to 65% longer! This study confirms that some of the benefits observed in animal studies can be applied to humans. Researchers conclude that a long-term reduced calorie diet could prolong health in old age and possibly extend life in humans. Therefore, eating less could be an important lifestyle practice in living a healthier, longer life. But how much less is the question? Benefits are observed by eating approximately 15% less calories than your daily allowance.

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