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Gut Microbiome Impacts Severity of COVID-19

Correlation between the composition of your gut microbiome, cytokine levels and inflammatory markers in COVID-19 patients confirms that severity of COVID-19 is linked to the gut microbiome, according to a study in Gut.

In this study, blood, stool, and patient records from 100 patients with confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection were evaluated. Results showed significant gut microbiome changes, including underrepresentation of helpful gut bacteria with known beneficial effects on the immune system, such as Faecalibacterium prausnitzii and Eubacterium rectale. The findings in the microbiome correlated with disease severity and elevated levels of inflammatory cytokines and blood markers of inflammation like C-reactive protein. The changes in the gut microbiome also persisted after disease resolution, which could be a factor in why some people develop chronic symptoms and/or multisystem inflammation syndromes, even after clearing the virus.

Gut bacteria play an important role in human immune function and systemic inflammation.
This study adds to our appreciation of the importance of the gut microbiome in disease states and reminds us that we are only as healthy as our microscopic roommates.

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