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Micronutrient Deficiencies Common In Celiac Disease

A study published this month finds that micronutrient deficiencies, specifically in zinc, copper, vitamin B12, albumin, and folate, are common in newly diagnosed celiac disease patients, even in the absence of other malabsorption symptoms like weight loss and diarrhea.

The study retrospectively analyzed micronutrient status of 30 newly diagnosed celiac patients and compared their data to healthy controls from the National Health & Nutrition Survey (NHANES).

Researchers believe that these findings suggest a new paradigm for celiac disease – one that is moving away from the classic symptoms of weight loss, anemia, and diarrhea and more towards “non-classical” symptoms.

If you have been diagnosed with celiac disease, it’s important to get tested for micronutrient deficiencies. In addition, work with your healthcare practitioner to find the best way to treat these deficiencies. While more research is needed to determine what these treatment strategies are, a nutrient rich diet focused around plant-based foods like vegetables, fruits, leafy greens, and legumes is a great place to start!

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