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Calcium Supplementation Linked To Increased Risk of Colon Polyps

Daily calcium supplements are linked to an increased risk of colon polyps. 2,000 participants (aged 45 to 75), all with a history of polyps, were randomly assigned to take a daily calcium supplement, a daily vitamin D supplement, both, or neither for 3 or 5 years. Those who took the calcium supplement, both with and without vitamin D, experienced a significant increased risk of forming polyps 6 to 10 years after the start of the study. Calcium intake through food alone was not associated with an increased risk of polyps. Gut

→Takeaway: While more research is needed to confirm these results, the reality is that supplements come with risks. Whenever possible, obtain your vitamins and minerals through whole foods – not only does this negate risk, it increases nutrient absorption when compared to synthetic sources. If you need additional calcium, consider these sources first: white beans, figs, Bok Choy, kale, black eyed peas, almonds, oranges, turnip greens, sesame seeds, and seaweed.

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