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Chewing Gum – Friend Or Foe?


Gum. Whether it’s serving a purpose as a hunger suppresser, an outlet for nervous energy, breath freshener, or a sweet treat after a savory meal, there’s one underlying question we are often asked – is gum beneficial or detrimental to gut health? There are two sides to every story. On one hand, some sources point […]

Raw Milk – A Microbial Benefit Or Hindrance?


Raw milk, by definition, is milk from grass-fed cows that is both unpasteurized and un-homogenized (the pasteurization process is a high heat treatment that kills any bacteria and potential pathogens in the milk, while the homogenization process is a mechanical process that distributes the fat particles evenly throughout the milk so that it’s blended uniformly). […]

Vitamin D For Protection Against COVID-19


If you’re like many of us, grasping for ways to protect yourself and your family during this vulnerable time has become a daily commitment. In doing so, you may have stumbled upon recommendations to take a vitamin D supplement for COVID-19 prevention. Many information outlets are promoting vitamin D as a lifesaving supplement during this […]

Soaps, Sanitizers, and A Homemade Version


At Gutbliss, we recommend washing your hands thoroughly with warm water for 30 seconds with an all-natural soap as the gold standard for keeping your hands clean during the COVID-19 pandemic. What about antibacterial soap? First, antibacterial soap kills bacteria, not viruses, and the coronavirus is just that… a virus. And second, no matter the […]

Prewashed Greens


As we’re fond of saying, the number one thing you can do for your gut health (and outer appearance!)

Group Fitness Important For Health?


Are exercise classes really worth it? They cost money, require travel time to and from the gym or studio, and are oftentimes a full hour when thirty minutes is all you really need. Many of us these days are opting out of group exercise classes and are instead opening up the latest exercise app on […]

Personalized Nutrition


The supplement industry is already huge, and now they’re expanding even more by utilizing “personalized nutrient programs”. What does that even mean? These are programs where you fill out an online questionnaire regarding your food intake and goals, and then receive a personalized supplement, or an entire pack of supplements, to your front door – […]

Probiotics – Your Weight Loss Answer?

White medicine capsules probiotic powder inside. Close up. High resolution product. Health care concept

Based on the article published in last edition’s Weight Loss column, we know there’s a strong link between weight management and our gut bacteria. We also know that probiotics have been associated with positively altering the gut microbiome. So, is it safe to say that supplementing with a probiotic can help us lose weight? Let’s […]


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