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The Microbiome & Gut Health In The Time Of COVID

Recent research has demonstrated the potential prognostic and therapeutic roles of microbiota in COVID-19 infections. Leading the way in researching and educating through their popular course “Clinical Applications of Microbiota,” join Georgetown faculty experts for a discussion examining the dynamic relationship between the microbiota and disease expression, particularly in relation to gut health and the […]

Why Your Germs May Be More Important Than Your Genes, In The Age Of COVID-19

Join Dr. Chutkan’s conversation with Chef AJ, a devoted vegan and chef and the host of the television series Health Eating with Chef AJ, as she discusses why your germs may be more important than your genes, especially in the coronavirus age.

4 Daily Non-Negotiables For A Stronger Immune System

Could quarantining put you at a higher risk for disease? Studies and data analysis show that the best way to protect yourself and others from coronavirus is isolation. But could the practices of self-isolation, quarantining, and extreme social distancing put you at a higher risk for health conditions over the long term? The surprising answer […]

Elevated Fasting Blood Glucose Associated With COVID Complications

Fasting plasma blood glucose levels (FPG) at hospital admission independently predicts COVID-19 complications and death in those without diabetes. Scientists looked back at the FPG levels at hospital admission in 605 COVID-19 patients in Wuhan. Those with a FPG of 126 mg/dL or higher were nearly 4 times more likely to experience COVID-19 complications compared […]

Scientific Evidence Backs COVID Transmission Through Fecal Aerosols

Scientific evidence links COVID-19 transmission with fecal aerosols. A recent study, published in Annals of Internal Medicine, explored an outbreak in a high-rise apartment building in Guangzhou, China. The outbreak infected 9 individuals living in different units throughout the building. Through patient interviews, throat swabs, and an in-depth environmental investigation, researchers found that transmission most […]

Medical Procedures In The Age Of COVID

These days having a colonoscopy is no easy feat. In addition to the usual inconvenience of a clear liquid diet the day before and a bowel prep to clean you out (thoroughly!), most endoscopy centers now require a negative COVID test a few days before your procedure, and then self quarantine until your procedure is […]

Stress A Key Factor In Severe COVID-19

Stress levels may be a key factor in determining who suffers from severe COVID-19 and could potentially help measure who is at an increased risk of mortality. In a study conducted in London, researchers took the cortisol levels within 48 hours of hospital admittance in suspected COVID patients. Those who did not have COVID became […]

Tolerating Disease Versus Fighting It

What causes animals (or humans) with identical genetic codes, gut microbes, and germ exposure to survive the same pathogen (and pathogen dosage), while another dies? Could the answer lie in manipulating the body to tolerate disease as opposed to fighting it? This is a theme that has received lots of attention in the last five years, […]

Microbes Could Predict Who Gets Severe COVID-19

A first study of its kind shows that gut microbes could predict how seriously ill a Covid-19 patient might become. In the hopes to identify why some individuals with COVID-19 fare better than others, researchers created a risk score based on blood biomarkers found in severe COVID-19 patients. Scientists found that these biomarkers are linked […]