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New Findings On Obesity – Causes & Treatments

New research helps us better understand the causes and trends in the obesity epidemic – and what you can do within your own family to help manage weight. Approximately 42% of the adult population in the U.S. is obese, and obesity triples the risk of being hospitalized for COVID, so understanding the risk factors and […]

“Live Dirty” Is Still Our Motto – Even During The Pandemic!

This is a confusing time for those of us who are cautious of over-sanitizing our bodies. How do we live a “dirty” lifestyle to promote microbial and immune health, while protecting ourselves from infection, and more specifically, from the coronavirus? At Gutbliss, “live dirty” is still our motto, even during the pandemic. Here’s why… and […]

Open Air Could Help Combat COVID-19

Fresh air and sunlight could be important factors in combating the Coronavirus. Past studies have highlighted the phenomenon called the “open-air factor” (OAF), defined as the “germicidal constituent in outdoor air that reduces the survival and infectivity of pathogens”, which has been proven to reduce the survival and infectivity of harmful bacteria such as Escherichia […]

Exposure To Green Spaces

You work out daily at your local gym, get plenty of sleep, and eat mostly plant-based. You’re doing everything right. But could there be one area we could all improve on that will help us live happier, healthier, and longer lives? In the largest study of its kind, researchers found that spending time in green […]

Endocrine Disruptors Lower IQ In Offspring

Maternal exposure to endocrine disrupting chemical (EDC) mixtures are associated with lower IQ at the age of 7 in offspring. Previous studies have looked at the effects of single EDCs in children, and they have been linked to negative neurodevelopment outcomes. This latest study, published in the January of this year, looked at the impact […]

Gutbliss 3-Day Beauty Boost

Summer is almost over and we’d like to offer you a simple, microbe-boosting plan to rejuvenate your inner (think gut!) and outer beauty. Below you’ll find our simple, Gutbliss 3-Day Beauty Boost, which includes: A 3-day meal plan Recipes Live Dirty lifestyle tips This plan will give you a glow and a feeling of lightness […]

Dr. Chutkan’s All-Purpose Household Cleaner

This all-natural household cleaner is a staple for those practicing the Live Dirty Lifestyle. A natural disinfectant and harmless to the microbiome, mix this cleaner and use for all purposes and in every room in the house! Ingredients ½ cup white vinegar 4 cups of water 12 drops of tea tree oil 12 drops of […]

The Microbiome Of The Built Environment – An Important Determinant In Human Health

Adults spend approximately 93% of their time indoors and babies up to 98% of their infancy indoors. Yet, the built environment (which includes our manmade surroundings – the homes and cities we live in, the parks we play in and paths we walk on, the cars we drive, the offices we work in, and even […]