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High Oxalate Foods – Should I Be Concerned?


Gerry: I am an avid follower of Gutbliss and was making and drinking green smoothies almost daily, then I began having intestinal issues, diarrhea etc. I ran across some experts talking about the dangers of ingesting too many foods high in oxalates. So, I’m confused. I’ve since given up eating spinach and Swiss chard and try to […]

Plant-Based & Fatigued – How Do I Improve My Energy Levels?

The Microbiome Reboot Recipe Booklet

David: I had constant problems with acne, leaky gut, and digestive upset. I read The Microbiome Solution a year ago, reduced meat to once a month, eliminated sugar and grains, and my meals now consist of a wide variety of vegetables, legumes, wild plants, fruits, and seeds, although most of what I consume is vegetables and fruits. […]

What’s Your Beef With The Ketogenic Diet? Dr. Chutkan Explains


Lindsay: I saw a compelling study linking the ketogenic diet to reducing inflammation in the gut and improving microbial parameters. I realize you’ve been against keto diets in the past. To me, ketones seem to be beneficial for gut health. Can you elaborate on the study and your take on it? Dr. Chutkan: Lindsay, the study you’re referring to, […]

Physical Activity During The COVID-19 Pandemic


We all know that physical activity is one of the best ways to optimize your health, but can exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic put you at a higher risk of infection? And if you are infected, can it prolong infection and put you at a greater risk for experiencing complications? Without a doubt, exercise is […]

IBD And COVID-19: Am I At A Higher Risk For Complications?


Those with autoimmune disease are on heightened alert with the spread of COVID-19. The coronavirus not only poses a risk to our population as a whole, but especially to those with pre-existing conditions. At Gutbliss, we hold a special place for patients suffering from autoimmunity, and especially those with inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD – Crohn’s […]

Dirt, Sweat, Veg: How To Promote Gut Health For Strong Immunity


We’re all grasping for ways to protect ourselves and our family members from COVID-19. But how do we do this when it seems to be all around us? Right now, the best way to protect yourself is to follow the “stay home” guideline, but even still, some experts predict that approximately 50% of the population […]

Plant-Based Diet, Bloat, & What To Do About It


Sam: I suffer with numerous digestive issues – bloating, constipation, abdominal pain. However, I note that you recommend a plant-based diet. One of the main triggers of my pain are certain vegetable, legumes, nuts and seeds. Protein in the form of white fish and eggs is the easiest on my digestive system. I tried a […]

Colonoscopy Bad For Gut Health?


Tabatha: I have spent years rebuilding my gut after reading your book, The Microbiome Solution. After 4 years of amazing health, I’m afraid of the damage that my next colonoscopy might do to my rebuilt gut microbiome. Should I be concerned and how can I still do my scheduled colonoscopies with the least amount of […]


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