A study published in JAMA Network Open looked at survey answers from approximately 1,500 American adults (aged 30 to 59) and found that alcohol consumption has significantly increased during the pandemic. Compared to a year ago, adult men are consuming 14% more alcohol and women, 17% more. The study also showed that heavy drinking in women, categorized as 4 or more drinks within a 2-hour period or less, has increased 41%. In April of this year, the World Health Organization released a statement warning that alcohol intake can increase a person’s risk of contracting COVID and experiencing complications, as it weakens the immune system. If you’re struggling with alcohol during the pandemic, or otherwise, we’d like to extend an invaluable expert and resource on alcohol use: Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind and The Alcohol Experiment. Here she offers some great tips on Sober October and beyond: Sober October. Like Dry January and Dry…