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Exercise Could Be A Key Therapy For Cancer Patients

While regular exercise has long been accepted as a preventative measure for just about every disease and condition out there, including premature death, studies are finding that exercise may play a therapeutic role in combating some of today’s most threatening diseases, including cancer. It may seem counterintuitive for sick, cancer patients on potent drugs, already […]

4 Daily Non-Negotiables For A Stronger Immune System

Could quarantining put you at a higher risk for disease? Studies and data analysis show that the best way to protect yourself and others from coronavirus is isolation. But could the practices of self-isolation, quarantining, and extreme social distancing put you at a higher risk for health conditions over the long term? The surprising answer […]

Plant-Based & Fatigued – How Do I Improve My Energy Levels?

David: I had constant problems with acne, leaky gut, and digestive upset. I read The Microbiome Solution a year ago, reduced meat to once a month, eliminated sugar and grains, and my meals now consist of a wide variety of vegetables, legumes, wild plants, fruits, and seeds, although most of what I consume is vegetables and fruits. […]

Physical Activity During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We all know that physical activity is one of the best ways to optimize your health, but can exercising during the COVID-19 pandemic put you at a higher risk of infection? And if you are infected, can it prolong infection and put you at a greater risk for experiencing complications? Without a doubt, exercise is […]

Group Fitness Important For Health?

Are exercise classes really worth it? They cost money, require travel time to and from the gym or studio, and are oftentimes a full hour when thirty minutes is all you really need. Many of us these days are opting out of group exercise classes and are instead opening up the latest exercise app on […]

Microbial Benefits Of Exercise

“Exercise is one of the best ways to improve your gut health. Like I’m fond of saying, if you’re not moving, neither are your bowels. Runners and other people who exercise regularly actually have better bowel movements, not as hard, bigger, and more frequent – what I like to call stool nirvana. A January 2018 University […]

Cardiovascular Exercise Reduces Cancer Risk & Increases Survival

A high level of cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) dramatically reduces the risk of getting lung and colorectal cancer (CRC) and significantly increases survival rates. In one of the most diverse retrospective cohort studies, researchers analyzed data from over 49,000 participants with a median age of 54 years.  Those with the highest CRF levels (>12 METs, measured […]

High Intensity Exercise Limits Cancer Growth

Short sessions of high intensity exercise may limit colorectal cancer (CRC) growth. Researchers recruited 20 patients who survived CRC and split them into an acute group who completed a single session of high intensity interval training (HIIT) (serum samples were collected at baseline and at 0 and 120 minutes after exercise) and a chronic group who […]

Lifestyle Changes Reduce Need For Blood Pressure Medication In Just 16 Weeks

Lifestyle changes reduced the need for blood pressure medication in just 16 weeks. 129 men and women with high blood pressure engaged in 1 of the following programs: 1) diet plus a weight loss program including 3 exercise sessions per week, 2) diet only, and 3) no changes in diet or lifestyle. After 16 weeks, researchers […]