leaky gut


Hilary didn’t have a history of lots of antibiotic use in the past, but she was a picky eater in childhood who avoided fruits and vegetables like the plague. She was now in her thirties and in good health until a case of severe gastroenteritis, with nausea, vomiting, fever, and dehydration led to a five-day hospitalization. The cause of the gastroenteritis was never identified, but because she had a fever, while in the hospital she was treated with two different intravenous antibiotics and discharged on an additional ten-day course of oral antibiotics. Hilary felt better by the time she completed the antibiotics, but three months after the hospitalization she developed mushy stool that she described as having an oatmeal consistency, as well as severe bloating. Upper endoscopy and colonoscopy were unrevealing, and biopsies were negative for celiac disease, microscopic colitis, or any other abnormalities. A month later Hilary was prescribed…