These grain-free and gluten-free pancakes are also high in protein. Made with just a few ingredients, you can prepare them quickly in the morning and enjoy sustained energy for hours. Top with fresh berries or any seasonal fruit, and you’ll be ready to take on the day. *SERVES 4 TO 6 Ingredients 3 large eggs […]

Severe periodontitis (inflammation of tissue around the teeth) is linked to increased cancer risk (highest for lung and colorectal cancers), with a 24% increased risk in those with severe periodontitis compared to controls. Could differences in mouth microbes be the culprit? A recent study also linked alterations in the oral microbiome to autism spectrum disorder. […]

If you’re a fan of dark, antioxidant-rich chocolate, then you’ll love this sumptuously spiced, healthy hot cocoa recipe. As a bonus, the variety of warm and inviting spices offers an array of health benefits that you don’t get in the more traditional versions. So forget the guilt and take a moment to relax and enjoy […]

Low calorie sweeteners lead to metabolic dysfunction, increasing glucose uptake and promoting fat storage pathways. In a study that exposed participants to sucralose for 12 days, an over-expression of glucose transporters, sweet taste receptors, and fat-promoting genes were observed. These observations were more evident in obese individuals. National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney […]

The gut-muscle axis – is there such a thing? Science supports its existence based on the premises that poor nutrition and inactivity are common characteristics in those suffering from sacropenia (the natural loss of muscle tissue as we age)– two factors that heavily impact the gut microbiome – and the link between gut bacteria metabolism […]

Intestinal bacteria help determine healthy bowel function – they play a vital role in controlling peristalsis (colonic contractions that help move things through the GI tract). Scientific Reports   Antibiotic exposure in mothers increases the risk of inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis) in their offspring. Scientists have also shown that the antibiotic-induced changes […]

Even healthy individuals can be at risk for developing heart disease… if they consume too much sugar. Clinical Science   Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is significantly associated with coronary artery disease in a study with 1059 participants. Researchers suggest screening for CAD may be beneficial in those diagnosed with SIBO. For more on SIBO, […]