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4 Daily Non-Negotiables For A Stronger Immune System


Could quarantining put you at a higher risk for disease? Studies and data analysis show that the best way to protect yourself and others from coronavirus is isolation. But could the practices of self-isolation, quarantining, and extreme social distancing put you at a higher risk for health conditions over the long term? The surprising answer […]

Gut Microbes May Help In Stroke Recovery


Gut microbes may help repair damage done to the body following a stroke. A study conducted out of the University of Kentucky and published in the Journal of Neuroscience, uncovers the idea that supplementing the body with short chain fatty acids (SCFA – byproducts produced by gut bacteria when breaking down plant foods) could improve […]

Fungus Linked To Pancreatic Cancer


A fungus found on the skin and scalp of humans and animals may drive pancreatic cancer. A study published in Nature last month found that the fungus, a yeast known as Malassezia (which has also been linked to inflammatory bowel disease), can settle in the pancreas (an organ that was thought to be sterile until […]

Almost 8,000 Bacteria Strains Found In GI Tract


In an attempt to catalog all bacteria strains that reside in the human gut, scientists have identified, isolated, and preserved 7,758 bacteria strains from 90 study participants over a two-year period. The metabolic and genetic functions for each strain have also been identified. The strains were pulled from the 6 main bacteria families, or phyla, […]

Gut Microbes Determine Our Response to Medication…

Find a cancer treatment or cure with immunotherapy

…and this can really matter when we’re talking about cancer medication. Immunotherapy is a type of drug therapy used to treat cancer that focuses on boosting the immune system. Without the harmful side effects that come with chemotherapy, immunotherapy is the preferred method to treat many cancers today, yet positive response rates to this type […]

This Microbe Results In Significant Health Improvements In Obese & Overweight People

floor scale and apple on wooden background top view

A microbe discovered 15 years ago shows promise in reducing health risks associated with overweightness and obesity in those struggling to lose weight. A study published this month in Nature Medicine used an oral supplementation of Akkermansia muciniphila, a bacteria that breaks down proteins in the intestines, containing ten billion colony forming units (CFUs) in […]

Could This Synthetic Bacteria Strain Be A First In Creating Artificial Life?


Scientists have created E. coli bacteria using a 100% man-made genome. While the bacteria is “unusually shaped and reproducing slowly”, scientists say it’s alive and is four million base pairs long, four times larger than the synthetic genome built 9 years ago. The study was conducted so that scientists could better understand how living things […]


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