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Review – 5/15/17

While getting a dog might be the last thing you want to do during your pregnancy, it could make for a healthier baby. Homes with pets (specifically dogs) had babies with gut bacteria associated with decreased rates of obesity and allergies. Even those homes that had pets during the pregnancy and not after had babies […]

Review 4/12/17

Those who have access to nature are less likely to suffer from depression and obesity. Pregnant women who had access to green spaces were also found to have healthier pregnancies and babies. Live dirty! Friends of The Earth Europe   Exposure to Reovirus, a usually harmless virus, may trigger celiac disease in those who are […]

1-Ingredient Face Wash

There are striking similarities between the food industry and the personal products industry: aggressive marketing of long-shelf-life products that are cheap to manufacture and use lots of inexpensive chemicals and fillers. At Gutbliss, we whip up our own personal care products at home and are continually amazed at the superior quality of these homemade products […]

Review – 3/19/17

1). Proton pump inhibitors (PPI’s) do not decrease the risk of developing esophageal cancer – one of the primary reasons PPI’s are prescribed – a 2017 literary review and meta-analysis finds. PPI’s are also linked to increasing the risk of serious bacterial infections. Learn more about tapering off of your PPI medication. PLOS One   […]

Review – 3/5/17

“Humans were not built for eternal and effortless homeostasis.” Searching for ways to improve your health? Diet and exercise may not be your only tools. Stepping outside of your daily comfortable spaces and exposing your body to extreme environments (freezing water and extreme altitudes for example) can unlock physiological responses – fine tuning insulin production, […]

Review 1/13/17

Studies show that the human circadian clock system plays a critical role in disease development, even in the absence of other contributing factors. Circadian dyssynchrony has been shown to increase disease risk for diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity, depression, and bipolar disorder. Integrative Practitioner   A fascinating conversation between Dr. David Perlmutter, author of Grain […]

Review 1/2/17

A probiotic supplement is a good idea in promoting gut bacteria balance, but dirt may be the more powerful probiotic solution. Dirt, the age-old super food, was the first mineral supplement, and eating it is a behavior practiced by many indigenous communities. Mommypotamus   Feed professional athletes better… and they’ll perform better? Yes! While this […]

Review 12/31/16

Prenatal stress, mediated through the gut microbiome, can lead to long-term negative impacts on infant brain and behavioral development that can extend well into adulthood. Harmful stressors range from traumatic events, (like the loss of a loved one) to more common events (like financial worries and daily hassles). If you find yourself pregnant and stressed, […]

Review 11/20/16

Your kitchen floor is about twice as clean as your refrigerator handle and countertops. In fact, your wallet and cell phone harbor a whole lot more bacteria than your toilet seat. Should we frantically begin cleaning our refrigerator handles, wallets and cell phones? Probably not! Exposing ourselves to a diverse array of bacteria on a […]

Review 10/18/16

1. Gut bacteria may cause migraine headaches, a recent study suggests. Those who possess higher levels of nitrate-processing gut bacteria may experience migraines when nitrates in food are broken down at an expedited rate, causing dilation in blood vessels in the brain and scalp. This may also explain why some foods trigger the onset of […]