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Ketogenic Diet Linked To Microbial & Brain Function Benefits, But Is It Worth It?

A ketogenic diet (KD) improves neurovascular pathways that play key roles in brain function and beneficially alters the gut microbiome.  The study included a 16-week ketogenic diet and was conducted in young, healthy mice aged 12 to 14 weeks. In addition to improved neurovascular function, a KD reduced blood glucose levels and body weight and showed […]

Low Maternal Omega-3 Intake Linked To Offspring Weight Gain & Metabolic Dysfunction In Adulthood

Weight gain and metabolic dysfunction in adulthood could be linked to maternal omega-3 fatty acid intake during gestation and lactation. A recent mouse study found that maternal PUFA (polyunsaturated fatty acid) production during pregnancy and nursing significantly reduced weight gain and markers for metabolic dysfunction in male offspring fed a high fat diet. The study states […]

Female Cancer Risk Lower In Those Who Avoid Eating Red Meat

Cancer risk in the distal colon in women is lower in those who avoid eating red meat. In a 17-year study in over 32,000 women, researchers found that those women who did not eat red meat had a reduced risk of distal colon cancer. A red meat-free diet was not protective against cancer elsewhere in the […]

Weight Gain In Children Has Negative Effects On Liver Health

Weight gain in young children has detrimental effects on liver health.  A recent study found that an increased waist circumference in three year olds was linked to a greater likelihood of increased non-alcoholic fatty liver disease markers (elevated ATL levels – a liver enzyme that acts as a marker for liver disease) at age 8. Those […]

Watching TV Linked To Elevated Cancer Risk In Men

Watching television for extended periods of time raises colorectal (CRC) risk in men. A recent study analyzed data from 500,000 men and women and found that men who watched TV 4+ hours per day had a 35% greater CRC risk than those who watched 1 hour per day. Increased time spent watching TV did not elevate […]

Processed Salt Intake Alters Gut Bacteria Composition

High processed salt intake alters gut bacteria composition and may disrupt the relationship between the microbiome and host homeostasis. While increased salt intake is a risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD), we’re not exactly sure why that is. A recent study gave rats either water or a salt-water solution over a two-week period and analyzed blood […]

Artificial Sweeteners Disrupt Microbial Balance & May Worsen Crohn’s Disease Symptoms

Artificial sweeteners promote dysbiosis (imbalanced gut bacteria) in Crohn’s disease (CD) patients and may worsen the disease and its symptoms. In a series of 3 studies, scientists mixed a low dose of Splenda into the drinking water of mice (who originated from a genetic line of mice with CD). They increased the dose slightly for the […]

Nitrates In Drinking Water Increase Cancer Risk

Nitrate in drinking water, even at safe levels (within 50 mg nitrate/liter of water), increases colorectal cancer (CRC) risk. Scientists assessed drinking water nitrate level exposure in 2.7 million adults and examined 200,000 drinking water analyses from 1978 to 2011 in Denmark. Comparing this data with population-based health registry data, scientists identified 5,944 CRC cases. Analysis […]

Danger Of Processed Foods Quantified

While most of us already know that processed foods increase cancer risk, a recent study quantifies the risk. Findings show that for every 10% increase (based on a 2,000 calorie diet this is equivalent to 200 calories) in highly processed foods in the diet there is a 12% increase in cancer risk, with the greatest association […]

Drinking Alcohol More Effective In Increasing Longevity Than Exercise?

A recent study, conducted over 15 years in individuals 90 years of age and older, finds that drinking alcohol on a regular basis is more effective in increasing longevity than exercise. Those who drank 1 to 2 glasses of wine or beer daily were 18 percent less likely to die a premature death, while those who […]